How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Converting Excel to Google Sheets is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. First, you need to have your Excel file ready to go. Then, you’ll need to open Google Drive, and upload the Excel file to your drive. Once the file is uploaded, you can open it with Google Sheets, and it will automatically be converted. Now, you’ll be able to use all the features of Google Sheets with your formerly Excel data.

Step by Step Tutorial on Converting Excel to Google Sheets

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take your Excel files and convert them to Google Sheets. This process is straightforward and only requires a few steps.

Step 1: Open Google Drive

Go to and sign in with your Google account.

When you open Google Drive, you’ll be greeted with a space where you can store various files, including Excel files. Make sure you’re logged into the account where you want your Google Sheets file to be saved.

Step 2: Upload the Excel File

Click on the "New" button, then select "File Upload," and choose your Excel file from your computer.

After clicking "File Upload," a window will appear allowing you to select your Excel file. Once you’ve chosen the file, it will start uploading to your Google Drive.

Step 3: Open with Google Sheets

Right-click on the uploaded Excel file, hover over "Open with," and select "Google Sheets."

Google Drive allows you to open files with different apps. By selecting Google Sheets, Google will convert the Excel file into a Google Sheets file automatically.

After following these steps, your Excel file will now be a Google Sheets document. You can now edit, share, and collaborate on this document just like any other Google Sheets file. Remember, any changes you make in Google Sheets will not affect the original Excel file.

Tips for Converting Excel to Google Sheets

  • Make sure your Excel file is not password protected, as this can prevent the conversion to Google Sheets.
  • Double-check your data after conversion to ensure everything transferred correctly.
  • Be aware that some Excel features may not work exactly the same in Google Sheets.
  • If you’re working with a large Excel file, give Google Sheets a moment to complete the conversion.
  • Take advantage of Google Sheets’ sharing and collaboration features once your file is converted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will converting my Excel file to Google Sheets change the formatting?

Most formatting will be preserved, but some complex Excel features may not transfer perfectly.

Do I need to have a Google account to convert Excel to Google Sheets?

Yes, you will need a Google account to access Google Drive and Google Sheets.

Can I convert multiple Excel files to Google Sheets at once?

Yes, you can upload and convert multiple files at a time by selecting multiple files during the upload process.

What happens to my original Excel file after the conversion?

Your original Excel file will remain unchanged in your computer or wherever you have it saved.

Are there any file size limits for converting Excel to Google Sheets?

Google Drive has a size limit for uploads, so extremely large Excel files may not be able to be converted.


  1. Open Google Drive.
  2. Upload the Excel file.
  3. Open the file with Google Sheets.


Converting Excel to Google Sheets is a breeze if you follow the simple steps outlined in this article. Not only does it take just a couple of minutes, but it also opens up a world of possibilities with Google Sheets’ versatile platform. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with a team, access your data on the go, or simply enjoy the free-to-use model of Google Sheets, converting from Excel is a smart move.

After the conversion, you might notice that Google Sheets has a slightly different interface and features compared to Excel. But don’t let that intimidate you! With a little exploration, you’ll find that it’s quite user-friendly and robust. Plus, with the added benefit of cloud storage, you can say goodbye to the fear of losing your important files.

Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier, and the ability to convert Excel to Google Sheets is a perfect example of that. So go ahead, give it a try, and make the most out of your data with Google Sheets. Who knows, you might find yourself preferring it over Excel in no time!