How to Share Spreadsheet in Google Sheets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sharing a spreadsheet in Google Sheets is a simple task that can be done in just a few clicks. First, open the spreadsheet you want to share. Then, click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of the page. From there, you can add the email addresses of the people you want to share the spreadsheet with, and choose their level of access – whether they can view, comment, or edit the document. Once you’ve added the recipients and set their permissions, click “Send” and the spreadsheet will be shared with them.

Step by step tutorial: How to Share Spreadsheet in Google Sheets

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to understand that sharing a Google Sheets spreadsheet allows multiple people to view or edit the document simultaneously. This can be helpful for collaborating on projects, organizing events, or simply sharing information.

Step 1: Open the Spreadsheet

Open the Google Sheets spreadsheet you wish to share.

When you open the spreadsheet, make sure you’re logged into the correct Google account. If you’re working on a shared computer or a public network, double-check to ensure your privacy and security.

Step 2: Click on ‘Share’

Click on the “Share” button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

The “Share” button might appear as a blue button with the word “Share” or as an icon resembling a person with a plus sign, depending on the version of Google Sheets you’re using.

Step 3: Add Email Addresses

Enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to share the spreadsheet with.

You can add multiple email addresses by separating them with commas. If you’re sharing the spreadsheet with a group, you can also enter the group’s email address.

Step 4: Set Permissions

Choose the level of access for each person – ‘Viewer,’ ‘Commenter,’ or ‘Editor.’

It’s crucial to set the right permissions to maintain control over your document. Viewers can only look at the spreadsheet, Commenters can add suggestions or notes, and Editors can make changes to the document.

Step 5: Add a Message (Optional)

Write an optional message to send along with the invitation to the spreadsheet.

Adding a message can provide context to the recipients about the purpose of the spreadsheet and any actions they may need to take.

Step 6: Click ‘Send’

After adding all the details, click the ‘Send’ button.

Once you click ‘Send,’ the recipients will receive an email notification allowing them to access the spreadsheet.

After you complete the action of sharing your spreadsheet, the invited individuals will receive an email with a link to the document. They will be able to access the spreadsheet based on the permissions you’ve set. If they are ‘Editors,’ they can start collaborating right away. If they are ‘Viewers’ or ‘Commenters,’ they can view the spreadsheet or add comments as needed.

Tips: Effective Spreadsheet Sharing in Google Sheets

  • Double-check the email addresses before sending the invite to avoid sharing your spreadsheet with the wrong people.
  • Consider setting an expiration date for access, especially if the information is time-sensitive or confidential.
  • Use the ‘Advanced’ settings for more sharing options, like disabling the ability to download, print, or copy the spreadsheet.
  • If you’re sharing with a large group, consider creating a Google Group to make adding recipients easier.
  • Regularly review who has access to your spreadsheet and adjust permissions as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop sharing a Google Sheets spreadsheet?

To stop sharing a document, go back to the ‘Share’ settings and click on ‘Advanced.’ From there, you can remove individuals or change their permissions.

Can I share a spreadsheet with someone who doesn’t have a Google account?

Yes, you can share a spreadsheet with someone without a Google account by sending them a shareable link. However, they will only be able to view the spreadsheet.

Can I set an expiration date for access to a shared spreadsheet?

Yes, within the ‘Advanced’ sharing settings, you can set an expiration date for a person’s access to the spreadsheet.

How can I see who has access to my shared spreadsheet?

In the ‘Share’ settings, click on ‘Advanced’ to see a list of everyone who has access and their permission levels.

What happens if I accidentally share a spreadsheet with the wrong person?

If you share a spreadsheet with the wrong person, you can quickly go to the ‘Share’ settings and remove their access or change their permission level.


  1. Open the spreadsheet.
  2. Click on ‘Share.’
  3. Add email addresses.
  4. Set permissions.
  5. Add an optional message.
  6. Click ‘Send.’


Sharing a spreadsheet in Google Sheets is an invaluable feature that enhances collaboration and communication. Whether you’re working on a team project, organizing a community event, or simply need to distribute information, Google Sheets makes it incredibly easy and secure. Remember to double-check the permissions you grant and to keep an eye on who has access to your spreadsheets. With these best practices in mind, you’re all set to share your spreadsheet with confidence. If you ever find yourself in a bind or need to brush up on the steps, this article will be here as a trusty guide to sharing your spreadsheet in Google Sheets.